Improve Device Performance, Reliability, and Cost of Ownership

Advanta™ wafers have low COPs (crystal-orginated pits) and high GOI (gate oxide integrity) performance. Advanta's annular region outside of a central vacancy core is free of any agglomerated defects. Advanta wafers can be enhanced using SunEdison Semiconductor's Magic Denuded Zone® (MDZ®) thermal treatment. MDZ® produces robust internal gettering protection early in the IC fabrication process.

  • Reduced COPs lead to higher reliability related to crystal defects
  • Comparable performance with annealed wafers at much better cost
  • Deep precipitate-free zone through MDZ® maintained throughout customer processing leads to improved device yield and reliability potential
  • Built-in IG template through MDZ® eliminates need for customer oxygen out-diffusion and nucleation and reduces customer cycle time


Advanta™ Literature & Other (PDFs)

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