Improve Device Performance, Reliability, and Cost of Ownership

The OPTIA™ wafer is a high performance silicon substrate for the VLSI and ULSI IC device generations. These devices are built today with increasingly denser and more complex architectures. Consequently, increasingly tighter specifications are required for silicon substrates. Crystal-related defects in the wafers have been correlated with decreased GOI (gate oxide integrity) performance. OPTIA™ wafers have zero crystaloriginated pits (COPs) and epi-like GOI, therefore, they provide an ideal solution for next generation IC devices. OPTIA™ wafers are free of agglomerated defects across the wafer and throughout the whole wafer thickness. OPTIA™ wafers are enhanced using SunEdison Semiconductor’s patented Magic Denuded Zone® (MDZ®) thermal treatment. MDZ® produces a deep precipitate free zone and provides robust internal gettering protection early in the IC fabrication process.

  • No harmful crystal defects in the surface and bulk leads to no crystal defect-related yield and reliability degradation
  • Better quality, performance and cost of ownership than annealed wafers
  • Deep precipitate-free zone through MDZ® maintained throughout customer processing leads to improved device yield and reliability potential
  • Built-in IG template through MDZ® eliminates need for customer oxygen out-diffusion and nucleation and reduces customer cycle time 

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