Perfect Silicon

Perfect Silicon™ brand wafers utilize SunEdison Semiconductor’s proprietary defect-free crystal growth process designed to completely suppress the formation of low-density, grown-in defects. The main principle behind the CZ single-crystal growing process lies in the rapid transport of growth-incorporated excess intrinsic point defects to harmless sinks before they have a chance to react to form defects. This method of growing CZ single-crystal controls the point defect level such that there is no excess concentration above thermodynamic equilibrium, thereby preventing clustering as the crystal cools. Such material is said to be grown under unique, dynamic quasi-equilibrium conditions. The as-grown crystal is completely defect-free, and therefore, requires no post-growth engineering, such as annealing or epitaxy.

This leads to a very homogenous silicon wafer with zero defects. Perfect Silicon brand wafers are the most advanced silicon materials available in the world today:

  • free of agglomerated defects across and throughout the whole wafer thickness.
  • 100% free of COP, D-defect, I-defect, etc.
  • no need for post-growth engineering such as annealing or epitaxy.
  • robust internal gettering and PFZ provided by patented MDZ® treatment if required by customer.